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The Journey To Myself

A devoted practitioner of yoga and meditation, Lauren Amrita is a 500-hour Registered Yoga Instructor. She is certified in Anusara Inspired and Restorative Yoga and well versed in Iyengar and Ashtanga Yoga. She trained in Anusara Inspired Yoga with Lorraine Aguilar and Restorative Yoga with Jillian Pransky. Lauren is a certified Medical Qigong practice leader and trained with Dr. Roger Jahnke, O.M.D.

Lauren’s classes are alignment based with a focus on breath awareness. Her love of reading and writing inspires her, and she enjoys weaving a theme throughout her classes. Lauren Amrita wrote these articles for Osho Viha Connection magazine. Learn more about Osho Viha here.

Lauren also practices Tantra, chanting, movement, breathwork, and ritual. She studies Tantra with Vasumati Hancock. Her practice cultivates presence, freedom, joyfulness and a deep connection to her true essence.  

Lauren’s vivacious personality and authentic, compassionate heart allow her to connect with students of all backgrounds and abilities.

Lauren will always be a student of the practice, and is deeply grateful for the loving wisdom all her teachers have shared with her. 

Yoga Group Class

Weekly Group Classes

Service Subitle

TUESDAYS 11am-12:15pm ET - Qigong Inspired Yoga and Meditation - $10

Using a blend of yoga and qigong, this class allows you to release tension through gentle movement, breathwork, self-applied massage, and meditation. These ancient mind/body practices activate the natural healing medicines within your own body which nourish and support you on your journey towards optimal health and well-being of mind, body and heart.

People with injuries or other challenges can be accommodated. An assortment of modifications are offered and props will be used to further modify poses. Whether you are brand new to qigong and/or yoga or have a more experienced practice, this class is suitable for everyone.

TUESDAYS 4pm-5pm ET - Go Long, Slow, and Deep - In person at Bikram Yoga Roslyn

Deep Stretch is an active stretching class focusing on longer holds and total-body stretches. This class will help to lengthen and tone your muscles in a safe and effective way. Deep Stretch provides a calm and relaxing space to let go of tension, focus on your breath, and let all of your stresses fall away. All levels welcome.

THURSDAYS 4pm-5pm ET - Shake “IT” Out!  - In person at Bikram Yoga Roslyn

Kundalini Active Meditation is a one hour practice with four different stages of 15 minutes each accompanied by music. The stages are:

  • shaking

  • dancing

  • standing or sitting in stillness

  • relaxing lying down

The Kundalini Active Meditation is a powerful and profound practice that releases tension and stress. It is a highly effective way of unwinding and letting go at the end of a busy day. Come let your energy flow and be transformed into bliss and joy!

FRIDAYS 11am-12:15pm ET - Gentle Yoga and Meditation - $10
Gentle: This class allows guests the opportunity to build strength, flexibility and release tension through a slower, gentler practice.  Classes will emphasize breath work and letting go of stress and tension in the postures.  People with injuries or other challenges can be accommodated.  An assortment of modifications are offered and props will be used to further modify poses.  Whether you are brand new to yoga or have a more experienced practice, this class is suitable for everyone.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or if you'd like to join and I will send the Zoom link.

Payments can be made by Venmo @Lauren-Silverstein-7 or by check (contact me for details).

Self in in child pose

Winter Wellness Workshop

Restorative Yoga and Ayurveda

Winter wellness is important to focus on during the cooler months. Winter is a time where our bodies start to crave comfort, whether it is with heavy, warming food or just covered in a warm blanket. Restorative Yoga and Ayurveda are supportive practices that keep us energized, nourished, healthy, and happy throughout the winter season.

In this workshop, we will explore Ayurveda, the science of life, and learn how to stay balanced by discovering our unique constitution. We will then practice some essential Restorative Yoga poses that cultivate deep relaxation in our body, mind, and spirit.

Join us for these profound practices to enhance your wellness and feel vibrant all winter long!

When: Sunday, January 23, 2022

Time: 3:30pm to 5:00pm ET

Where: Zoom

Fee: $20

Led by: Lauren Silverstein and Karen Passalacqua

Email me for more information.

Buddha Statue

Private Yoga Instruction

Service Subtitle

Private Yoga Instruction is a great way to deepen your practice and meet your individual needs. Learning and practicing postures that are appropriate to your level is the most effective way to develop and enrich a yoga practice.

Explore specific areas of interest such as:

  • alignment

  • flexibility

  • strength

  • meditation

  • pranayama

Beginning students will learn the basics and gain confidence to join a group class. Intermediate and advanced students will bring their practice to a higher level of skill and understanding.

Private yoga instruction is also useful in developing your own home practice and addressing any health concerns or injuries.

Fees: 1-hour private $100; 1-hour semi-private $100 plus additional $10/person

Email me for more information.

Meditaiton Circle

Guided Meditation

Service Subtitle

Explore the discipline of meditation in a group or 1-1 setting. Email me for details.
See article "True Meditation Has No Direction", by Adyashanti


“Love is the goal, life is the journey”

~ Osho



The following articles have been published in Osho Viha Connection magazine. Learn more about Osho Viha here.

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